New necessary SEO trends for more traffic
Anna N

All the trends are usually changing as they adapt to reality. So you learn new SEO tips and after it something happens. You reached the top tier of SEO stardom, but suddenly you are moved to page 2, 5 or even 10. So why is it going on? What happened? 

It is all because SEO trends pop up. So ranking changes and does not stay stable. Online advertising is taken by storm. One should get all the new hints immediately and use them properly. 

So let’s discuss some hot SEO trends one by one.  All of them are useful and well working for you to monetize your web page and raise your revenues.

SEO trends and the Google EAT Principle
  • Only facts and statistics, using fact checking
  • Links to verified and and tested pages
  • Backlinking only with sites in the same niche
  • Making expert posts
The most successful and working content is connected with Google EAT principle. It is a factor about site rankings. EAT is Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness. Three main determining factors to evaluate and rank a site. So one must pay attention to the those things in order to make one’s web page ranked high.
Use Semantically Related Keywords
Nowadays standard key words do not play any leading role in ranking. Google puts a lot more semantic keywords than ever before. Language must be natural and words must be human. One should certainly research and know all the audience and choose semantically related keywords according to the research.
This is the way to boost and increase your ranks. Get the reasons why users come to your page, pinpoint the most accurate semantically related keywords. There are lots of SEO tools for that. Use like 10 words not more, keyword spam does no good now.
Localize Keywords
The audience differs. So keywords for various regions are various too. Check all the localized goods and services. Modify and test. The targeting must become better.
This idea works great when it comes to smaller, localized businesses. Like small shops, restaurants, coffee shops, whatever is popular within the area. If the keys are exact and the backlinks are adopted to your area, there will be more niche clicks and higher rankings.
Long-Form Content
The onsite content which is longer and more detailed gives more authority. Google ranks high on all the pages which have well-researched, information-rich content. All this is placed in front of the audience. The more research is done, the more rank you have.
The size of articles for high ranks is like 3000 words, but mostly the articles are like 1000-2000 words. If you want a good boost, pay attention to well done content. And do not forget about the subheadings H2-H3 and backlinks.
Data and Analytics
All the data is important to check and improve Google ranks. So use top tools for the right analytics in place. The most common is Google Analytics, it is popular, useful and tracks all the website data. Bounce rate, time spent on site, best and worst ranked articles, site/page loading times, redirects and even more.
You get all the analytics and compare your web pages. What’s falling behind? Improve it and even hide those pages you do not want to be indexed. The main point is to make sure to use proper tools and analyze well. Right after this you will be able to monetize users’ interests by increasing onsite content of a similar nature.
Image Optimization
  • Use original pictures if you can
  • Check the sizes, they are various for mobiles and desktops
  • Caption all the images
  • Use JPEG for colorful images
  • Use the right structure of taggings
  • One image is for one content part
Visual part of the content is rather important too. It gains more and more value with every passing year. Some tips about image optimization are the next.
This is all in brief about the hot trending SEO tips. You must research of course to make better conclusions with your testing and practicing. And the best practice is with our ad platform - so go and start!