How to use MULTI TAG in website Monetization
Katrina L

MultiTag is an intelligent solution that ensures you get the best possible combination of your website traffic and ad format using an algorithm based on millions of conversions. This is a time-tested approach that will help you get a high CPM for your traffic.

In this article, we talk about the features and benefits of MultiTag.

What is all about
Previously, publishers had to create an individual tag for each ad format that was posted on the site. Now all you have to do is just add one generic code.
MultiTag is ideal for both those who have just started to monetize their traffic, and for experienced publishers who do not want to spend precious time installing and configuring advertising tags on their sites. The main goal of MultiTag is to help you get the highest possible income by saving you time on managing and installing the ad code on your website pages.
Benefits of Multi Tag
  • Full ad coverage for all devices, OS and GEO.
  • Compatible with all websites and traffic types.
  • Does not require an independent tag for each format.
Configuring Multi Tag
Vimmy Multitag is applicable with two ad formats: Push-Notification and Calendar Push.  Multitag settings do not require any further action. After registering and adding your site to the Vimmy system, you automatically receive a code that you simply insert into your site.
Now you can add or disable different ad formats at any time you want. A detailed guide on adding your site and starting monetization can be found in our article "Step by Step Guide for Publishers". Start monetizing your traffic with Vimmy now, GET A MULTITAG.    

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