Monetizing Ad Block traffic
Anna N

To get rid of annoying ads people made ad blockers, because it is such a great and deep relief when you finally see no annoying ads. But how is it possible to make money from ads on your webpage if there are blocking programmes causing huge and severe profit losses for publishers? Is there still any means to avoid this?

Of course you may do something. Vimmy team is going to explain to you some good working strategies to take back earning on adblock traffic.

Create quality content with a great user experience
Does it sound too annoying if we still speak about interesting and entertaining content? You are all tired of it, but still it is a huge matter and a basic idea of blogging. If you create and generate various fresh content for your page, this is the foundation for any other anti-adblock strategy. But content is a fundamental issue.
So frankly speaking, if you constantly provide quality content that engages your audience, all the advertisers are bound to spend, and users are bound to click. Here comes your profit! If the users are sure that your content has a high quality level, they will not use any blockers for ads.
Ask users to whitelist your website
Users who love your content will be glad to support your page. Thank your visitors for taking the time to consume your content and further explaining that ads on your website help you to live and make more content.
It is proven that internet users do not think that affiliate links are a huge disturbance, if they are related to the information. The same thing works with relevant ads. Be kind and ask to whitelist your website. If your users value your blog, there will be no problem.
Block content from adblock users
This is not a perfect way, but if people do not whitelist your blog, you may act like this. If you asked nicely and gained nothing, just notify all the users that now they will not be able to enjoy the content until they whitelist your website.
Give all the content to people who use no ad block. If people still want your precious information, they will have to turn off their ad locks.
Use Direct Links or In-Page Push ads
This type of link is not easily blocked. So you can put the links right in the body of your text. Use native ads, they are not making any visible inconveniences for your visitors.
They are smoothly blending with your content. Vimmy has lots of In-Page push ads, so you can go and test!
Vary your ad formats
Work on your ad setups and delivery method from time to time to avoid some ad blocking scripts. This will recover and increase your revenues. But keep in mind that ad block companies are fast to improve their software.
Stay in touch to get all the updates and to learn how to cope with the changes. By the way, Vimmy’s Popunder ad type has anti-adblock features, so you better go and check it!
Partner with anti-adblock ad networks
Some ad networks do generate anti-adblock codes which are given to publishers and bloggers. They put the codes on their web pages. Different kinds of software attempt to override ad blocks with a proprietary combination of advanced programming.
But keep in mind that there is no perfect solution to give you 100% of traffic recovery. There is a constant fight between blocking and anti-blocking algorithms. Just get your own practical experience.
It is not an impossible dream to get your revenues while ad blocks exist. But you need to work, investigate and analyze. When you finally get your strategy after trying several variants, you will have your profit. Of course, it takes concerted efforts to get your result, but there is no success which is gained easily.
You are able to recover as much income as possible if you adopt the right tactics. There is no clear unic way for every publisher and blogger to fight with Adblockers, but your monetization way depends on you and your efforts.