Monetize it faster! Getting free content and articles
Anna N

One can find free entertaining materials, articles, texts and pics almost everywhere now. But do not use the way which is mostly used, the simple “copy-paste” method. Texts must be original and unique, otherwise Google ranks it lower and the search engine does not score your content.

Tips to get good and free website content:

Check if the text is original
There are lots of instruments to do it. The text may be copied too, and it is a certain trouble. Original texts are better.
Enrich and rewrite the content
You cannot just copy and paste, this is not worth doing it. Find some more facts and information about the article subject, take free sources of course. Combine it all and rewrite it all. This is your unique material now. It is valuable, interesting and useful.
But make sure you are allowed to remake, check the Terms of Service first.
Use remade content and your unique posts both
Do not forget that combining and remaking is nicer, but writing something extraordinary and new is two times better.
So use this and this, just changing and rotating your content parts. The number of your own articles must dominate.
Check all the SEO-important elements
They are titles, descriptions, H1, H2, H3 headings. Be sure they are all done good, all the keywords are included.
Put some cross-links to increase your traffic and boost it a bit.
Types of free content which can be used safely
  • PLR content for websites and blogs: if the text, Ebook, article is marked PLR, you may take and use it. Also it is okay to rewrite, put additions, copypaste, etc. But do not forget to name the author or owner.
  • MRR licensing: It is a type of license when you cannot change any pieces, but you can resell the product and the rights to someone else.
  • Royalty-free assets: No payments are needed, but there is an initial purchase or requirements to credit the author of the content. This type of content is popular but tricky. Read the terms of use before you use it.
Sources of free website content
There are dozens of sources with lots of articles and multimedia for free. You can start with some of them. Choose which you like. Later you are free to search and discover more.
If you pick your content - name the authors. Various articles from any free content source are not free for copyrighting. Always check this.
Free articles for websites and blogs
Ezinearticle, Articlesfactory.
PLR content directories and websites, free and paid
Primines, Picontentproject.
Free blog title and ideas generators
Seopressor, Sumo.
Always balance quality, speed, and efficiency. Do not be too perfect, but stay on legitimate ways to get free content and make your own of course. Some free content is nice for beginners, but later put more effort and spend more time improving your article and texts. Your profit must be noticeable.
If your webpage starts increasing your revenues, you may feel free to put more time and effort into original content and unic materials.