Make them better, make them stronger!
Anna N

One should pay attention to backlinks, and a backlink profile is an important part of this thing. It is a certain description of the sites that link to yours. It helps you to organize and build a well-done SEO part, because when you regularly monitor and check your web pages, their credibility and position in the search do a good growth.

But what are the tips for an excellent backlink profile? There are many lists of how to improve this. Vimmy is going to give you a clear one. There are only vital essentials and nothing else.

Authoritative links
Link to high-authority websites and accumulate backlinks from them. This will raise your value and increase your reputation. Choose some good websites for this. The idea is to find an efficient way to get such trusted websites to link to your pages.
But you are not to complete all this huge pile of work by yourself. There are lots of freelancers who specialize in that task. You can say time and hire some authors with established profiles on popular publications. Look for them, you may check such freelance sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer.
Anchor texts
A backlink is not a thing consisting of URLs only. You must include anchor texts that blend naturally with the sentences they’re in.
But remember that you cannot use key phrases which are just an exact match for your anchor text, this will give you a Google strike, and you can get penalized quickly.
Do-follow links
Any backlink needs a tag with a “do-follow”. Or it cannot be valuable and trustable. “No-follow” links are not a waste of time and energy, but you must be somewhere between.
A mix of “do-follow” and “no-follow” links is a well working formula for a backlink portfolio with a strongly built fundament. All your links are to be natural of course, otherwise you gain nothing.
Varied and natural
Backlinks are to be used naturally. Otherwise you get Google strikes and you get flagged. You cannot complete all backlinks in unnatural contexts.
Be accurate and source them from a variety of websites. This is the only way to get a trustable backlink portfolio.
Relevant to your content
It is no sense to make dozens of backlinks which have no real natural relevance to the content. This is just a spam variety looking like bad black SEO. Do not forget about natural criteria, keep this in mind.
Improving your backlink profile
And now a few words about building an effective and safe backlink profile. Losing no quality, increasing value and trust, getting more backlinks to your site. Here are some more tips from the Vimmy team.
1. Start guest blogging
This is an easy task. It means an exchange. You create one on a guest site and linking keywords back to related web pages on yours. Your linking consists of keywords back to related web pages on yours.
Of course one cannot play this game alone - you certainly ask for the same favor when invited to guest blog on someone else’s website.
2. Create shareable content
Create unique, amazing, fresh and clear content. This is how your readers will be engaged to share it. If the post is nice and useful, people will repost and share it everywhere, so your content will be spread all over the internet. It strengthens your backlink profile and improves your overall branding. And of course brings you more success to your SEO efforts.
Do not forget that analyzing the data is a huge part of the deal, this helps you to center your attention on making actual content which is interesting to users right now. Be on the top of trends and monitor them.
3. Seek reciprocal linking opportunities
Creating and forming alliances with different sites and brands is a brilliant idea, mutual work is a nice thing and it helps. Do favors, set up partner pages that link out to them, exchange and get it. Do not be afraid to “vote” for your partner on other pages, and your partner will vote for you. This is how an alliance works.
A right partner with a trusted website is a precious resource. If such people link back to your website, you get a massive and huge pile of actual necessary traffic. It will be relevant and improve your backlink profile. And you will increase the number of potential customers. Pick someone from your trusted contacts too, you may ask for a backlink and offer some positive things to your customers, friends.
4. Include subtle backlinks in conversations
This is a perfect working tool for creating backlinks for SEO. Just do it. Some blog comments to conversations on social or discussion platforms are a treasure if you use it properly. But all the blog comments deserve your care and attention. Some users called black hatters used to bomb comments with backlinks, and this is why you cannot overboard here.
Find some natural relevant discussions, join them and put your anchor texts accurately and naturally. Otherwise you get Google strikes and flags. Black SEO and link spam are bad tools and poor helpers, never use them.
SEO is not an easy thing and cannot be perfectly done at once. But you may start from backlinks according to our tips and hints. This will increase and improve your webpage traffic. If the backlink definition is clear, it deserves all the costs.
But not all backlinks are equal. They have their own attributes. Such as relevance, placement, and value, all of them contribute to a link’s usefulness and quality. But you can manage this task. A solid strategy is a helper to reveal and build some actual tactics for your brand, page or product. You form a plan and get some good advantages over your competitors. This sounds nice, doesn’t it? And a good ad network is a perfect tool for you. Vimmy offers a pile of ad formats to help you to make high-converting ads. So this is how you generate and increase your revenues as a publisher.