Landing page – checklist for advertisers
Anna N

What’s a landing page? That’s a good way to convert. Plain and simple, so you must work on them, improve them if you want better revenues and remember that a landing page is your first point of contact between you and your users. It tells your story – who you are, what are your offers, where to get in touch. 

This is why an advertiser cannot skip doing an elaborated landing page. It must have much quality to generate high revenues and bring you the highest income possible. 


What’s necessary for a well done landing page?
  • Strong H1 headline with a detailed description
  • Unique selling point getting the attention of users
  • The advantages of your offer
  • Images showing how your product is used
  • Some video showing your product
  • Super-strong call to action
Find a landing page builder
Lots of useful and simple software can be installed to help you and make your landing page creation simpler.
Research before you choose because programs are various. Compare several of them and pick one.
Keep your landers mobile friendly
Do not miss your mobile conversions! Check the speed of downloading. Make sure all videos play properly.
Texts and visuals must be seen clearly from a mobile view. Resize images for mobile view. Delete or correct irrelevant cross-links or faulty redirects.
Check your SEO
Check if you use all the necessary relevant keywords. Use website SEO plugins and extract valuable website data with top of the range website crawlers.
Work and optimize your web page visibility with the Google Search Console.
Check your content
Test your conversion rate optimization, test various offers, images, visuals, calls to action. See what works for you. Run two different landing pages, compare them, note what’s working and what’s not. Run the best results in your next campaign and do not forget to renew your research.
Keep your CTA and test it if it works. If your results do not change, improve and correct your CTA. Find some more variants, look for a powerful and catchy one.