Is Affiliate marketing still alive in 2021?
Katrina L

Newbie came to affiliate marketing got confused by tons of articles and manuals. He decided that the “MONEY” button is hidden in the affiliate marketing somewhere. In fact, he did not find any conversion or profit. What conclusion will he make? Guides and articles are lying, and in general this affiliate marketing of yours is dead.

But research by CHECK and the University of Baltimore suggests otherwise.

The industry is growing. In 2020, the global affiliate marketing market was valued at $ 15 billion. Check out the global affiliate marketing growth statistics here.

Q: Is Affiliate Marketing Alive in 2021? In this article – the facts that he is the most alive of all living things and is not going to retire at all.

Pros and Cons
Once the sphere was one of the few ways to make money on the Internet. Now there are dozens of options for making money online. A blog on Youtube, a channel on Tik Tok, you can create your own brand, freelance, online tutoring, sale of information products - earn as you want.
It's faster than affiliate marketing. You can engage in cryptocurrency, create an application on your phone, you don't even have to be a programmer, because there are ready-made services.
What is the difficulty of affiliate marketing:
  • High level of competition.
  • The entry threshold has increased, as has the required budget for tests.
  • Advertisers' requirements for creatives and promotion methods have become tougher.
  • Lots of Spy services. It has become more difficult to keep your creatives secret from competitors.
  • The price of quality traffic has increased.
So is it possible to enter affiliate marketing in 2021 and make money? You definitely can. 
And it's easier than ever because:
  • Training, forums, resources are in open access.
  • Maximum automation of advertising campaigns.
  • Large selection of affiliate networks and traffic sources.
  • Transparency in the market, the community always warns about unscrupulous partners.
  • A large number of online and offline events around the world.
  • New formats and traffic resources.
Judge for yourself, the number of people at conferences on affiliate marketing is in the thousands, events are held all year round all over the world, this directly indicates that affiliate marketing is a working and profitable industry.
Here are some of the top affiliate marketing conferences and events:
Affiliate World Global
Affiliate Grand Slam 2021
Affiliate Summit West
ALO — Affiliate Leaders Online & Offline

Why are conferences so cool? You can talk in person, get great offers and up-to-date information and make contacts. Working with a partner whom you know personally is always more comfortable, and as practice shows, it is much more effective in terms of income.
Traffic Sources
New social networks are constantly coming out (TikTok!). They need to monetize their audience, nothing in this world works for free. The main monetization model for free apps is advertising. Competition in new sources is always lower than on well-known platforms.
New Formats
The emergence of new formats, for example, Calendar Push, which literally blew up the market at the beginning of 2021 and still pleases with profit. There is always something new in affiliate marketing to make money off.
So, is there life on Mars?
Time in affiliate marketing is like in the Hollywood movie Interstellar, 7 minutes on an unfamiliar planet is equal to seven years on Earth. Change is fast. Yes, affiliate marketing isn't the same as it was 5 years ago, but it's not dead either. It has changed over time, and that's okay.
Affiliate marketing is like an ocean, it is calm and quiet, then the waves will come, then the storm will cover. The tailwind also comes.
The main thing is flexibility and the ability to adjust on time. Do not be afraid of change.
Are you ready to take action?
Affiliate marketing is alive. To work successfully and profitably, you need to cooperate with trusted partners, and not fall for the headlines “one million euros in one day”. It is necessary to understand that affiliate marketing is a process and there is no instant income here. Participate in events, communicate with representatives and colleagues, be in trend, test new formats and traffic sources.
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