Intelligence: Which traffic to choose?
Katrina L

An important question: what kind of traffic is suitable for your offer – mobile or desktop?

What converts well on desktop to Tier 1 is less likely to bring the same profit in other countries. Why is that? It all depends on what type of traffic dominates in a particular GEO.

This does not mean that one type of traffic is significantly better than the other.

Each has its own characteristics.

How to decide what kind of traffic to buy so as not to miss your chance?

Let’s find out in this article.

Mobile traffic - visitors browsing websites from tablets or smartphones. Desktop traffic - users using computers and laptops. According to statistics (see the chart below) in the world for the last 12 months traffic use is distributed as follows: 58.16% come from mobile traffic, 39.37% from desktop and 2.47% from tablets.
Statistics for the US, England and Europe for 2022 indicate that 50% is from mobile traffic, 46% from desktop and 3% from tablets. In Africa and Asia, the picture is different - 64% is mobile traffic, 34% desktop and 2% tablets. From this we can conclude that mobile traffic prevails, especially in Asia and Africa, however, in Tier 1, the amount of desktop traffic is 46%, which is quite a lot and deserves the attention of an affiliate marketer.
In Tier 1 Countries, the use of mobile and desktop traffic is almost the same. All offices and homes have computers and laptops. Whereas in Tier 3 countries, all browsing on the Internet happens through the phone. And desktop traffic accounts for no more than 30% of the total volume.
This makes campaigns targeting Tier 3 through desktop traffic less promising.
Do you want to launch on desktop during the day or give preference to mobile traffic? And at night? Few people will follow the links of an online store at 3 am from any device. Or go for a card while scrolling through tik tok before going to bed. Accordingly, at a later time, “complex offers” that require more than clicking the links, registering or downloading a game are less likely to bring the expected result.
Imagine your potential client. When would he be ready for action?
According to US statistics, a desktop computer is more often used at home, in the evening after work or on weekends. Also, desktop traffic volumes are growing during working hours, so all verticals related to finance and business bring good results. The phone is always with us, in morning traffic, lunch breaks, family dinners, weekend walks and trips. When setting up a campaign, do not forget about the Scheduler, which allows you to run the campaign exactly at those hours when it is most profitable and productive.
Desktop traffic
Despite the fact that desktop traffic volumes are slightly lower than mobile ones. Desktop advertising inspires more trust among users. The audience of PCs and laptops is more mature, more solvent on average, which increases the chances of a final purchase.
Therefore, expensive offers, antiviruses, nutra, finance, e-commerce, the decision to purchase which is not made instantly, are well suited for desktop traffic. In addition, desktop traffic has more ad formats and greater information flexibility. Long registration forms for campaigns will not annoy PC users. Whereas on the phone, such ads will most likely simply be closed.
Mobile traffic
  • Lack of AdBlock and other ad blockers in browsers.
  • Less banner blindness among smartphone users.
  • “Unique” verticals are available, which means more offers: mobile applications, mobile games, payment systems.
  • Wider targeting settings, including by mobile operator.
  • More conversions. Unlike PC ADs, mobile ads can take up to 80% of the screen. Users pay more attention to it and the CTR is higher.
  • Unlike desktop testing, mobile advertising is more expensive.
  • Higher requirements for analytics and optimization. There are a huge number of operating systems, screen sizes and other options. Therefore, you need to be very careful in the analysis and testing.
  • Short title and small amount of text.
  • Landing pages should be optimized for mobile traffic and “fly”, because according to statistics, 53% of mobile users close the link if it does not load within three seconds.
  • Be sure to use action buttons - users need unambiguity and conciseness;
174 minutes a day. According to statistics, this is how much an average person spends on a mobile phone. Users use smartphones and tablets unevenly, shortly, on the go. Because of this, it is difficult to lead to the target action. Therefore, mobile advertising is not suitable for offers with expensive goods, for which the decision and the targeted action are not taken immediately. Whereas entertainment, namely dating, adult stuff, streaming, mobile games and food delivery are best suited for mobile traffic.
Despite the fact that mobile traffic leads in numbers, the choice of traffic depends on the audience, GEO and the offer you are going to launch. Both have their own advantages, disadvantages and features that need to be taken into consideration.  
Why choose between good and very good when you can work with both types of traffic to increase the profit of your campaigns.
What kind of traffic are you focusing on?