In what vertical can a beginner earn?
Katrina L

There are a lot of verticals. Where should a beginner start, to minimize the risk, so as to avoid losing the first deposit and earn money?  We will discuss it in this article.

What to choose from:
  • sweepstakes;
  • dating;
  • installs;
  • e-commerce;
  • adult;
  • gambling/ betting;
  • nutra;
  • finances;
Above - the most frequently used verticals in affiliate marketing. Let's take a closer look at each of them.
Holds the medal for its popularity. Great for beginners, because everyone loves to win. Easy to learn, find an offer, landing page and create a creative.
You can launch at any Tier, and this is important for newcomers. Because in Tier 2 and 3 countries, traffic is several times cheaper than in Tier 1.
In order for the affiliate to receive a profit, the user just needs to fill in the data. Somewhere you need to register and confirm the email. A simple targeted action increases the chances of getting more leads. People don't like actions that require too much typing, clicks, etc.
Everyone saw bright banners of dating sites. Many have clicked on them at least once. The topic is familiar and uncomplicated. For a beginner this is important. The vertical is relevant all over the world, in summer and winter, at any time of the day. They all are looking for a partner, if not all, then most are.
Dating offers - mainly for Tier 1 and 2 countries. The entry threshold is above average. If you choose dating as your first vertical, look for offers with a “simple” target action, like signing up. You will have more success. As a result you will gain experience at offers with higher requirements and higher payouts.
Installs - applications and games for the phone.
Everyone has a smartphone. The average time on the phone is 5-6 hours a day. Therefore, the vertical of installs is always popular. Target action: installing an application or passing the game to a certain level. No deposits or purchases, so it's easier to get quality leads. Almost everyone loves games, useful applications too. The main thing is to create a catchy creative, without misleading.
E- commerce
Our beloved - online shopping is a good place to start. It will surely contain a product that you are familiar with. Familiarity with the product or knowing it through and through improves profit even for a beginner.
In our digital world, most things (in Tier 1 countries) are done online. The vertical is relevant. The last 2 years of lockdowns have only increased the popularity. Another plus of the vertical - expensive Tier 1 traffic and cheaper Tier 1 and Tier 2 traffic, you can choose. Goods are bought everywhere as well as in Tier 3 countries.
Verticals are popular. Banners for adult websites, adult dating, adult gaming, webcam services. Lots of options to explore and try.
Offer - for all GEOs, also target audience isn't hard to figure out, as well as the creatives.
Important: there are affiliate programs that do not engage with adult content. Due to restrictions and regulations, you will not be able to use some traffic sources for your ads. Keep it in mind.
Nutra, gambling, betting, finances
These verticals are a bit more tricky. You need minimal knowledge of the field and some experience in affiliate marketing. Offers about Gambling or betting are more than just clicking on a link and entering data. Here you need a deposit in an online casino or a bet. You need to convince the user to pay right away. It is not simple. The audience is most often Tier 1 and Tier 2, this traffic is more expensive. Advertising casinos or sports betting is illegal in many countries.
The same is with finances. Investments, microloans, crypto. You need to know at least a minimum on the topic. Yes, the payouts are higher, but the targeted action is more difficult. Here, as in gambling, the goal is the money deposited and spent by the user. Nutra - high payouts and competition. The most common GEOs for this vertical are Tier 1 and Tier 2. “Pills” and “beauty ointments” etc. cost $50 and more. Target action - order, purchase of goods. And it’s not easy to convince a user to buy a dubious-looking jar for weight loss on the Internet.
There is no right or wrong vertical. It's just that there are more complex verticals where you have to work hard to get quality leads. Which means it's harder to make money on them. Therefore, it is more logical to take something simpler in the beginning. The best vertical to start with is the one where you get profit.
When choosing a vertical or an offer, do not look at others. Works for someone - not a fact that it will work for you. Tossing a coin has a better outcome rate.
A good strategy - not to chase big payouts right away. Focus, study one vertical at a time, and then feel free to move on to the next one. As a result, if you decide to stay in affiliate marketing, sooner or later you will learn it all. What vertical did you choose?