In-Page Push Notification Ads: Extra Power for Your Advertising Campaigns
Katrina L

There are dozens of different ways to monetize traffic from a content publishing site. That said, users are bombarded with advertising as soon as they start looking for information online, so it’s not always easy to get the most from the content you produce. 

While it’s true that traditional ad types like push ads and pop-unders still produce great results, innovative formats like in-page push (IPP) notifications are helping publishers boost their revenue without having to increase their traffic. In this article, we’ll go over the definition of in-page push notification ads, explain their advantages, and give you tips on how to launch a successful IPP campaign.

What Are In-Page Push Notification Ads?
Before going any further, let’s go over the definition of in-page push notifications. By now, almost all publishers are familiar with traditional push notifications. These ads offer superb engagement metrics, but users need to subscribe to push requests before they start getting alerts.
In-page push notifications ads look and feel like conventional pushes, but they are actually part of the page or platform that contains them. In other words, they come from the site, rather than the device itself. So to users, the notification looks the same, but publishers don’t need to send out subscription requests to serve these ads. All you need to do is set up the IPP code on your pages and ads are displayed based on the user’s information.
Advantages of IPP Notifications
IPP ads bring all of the great benefits of push notifications, but they give publishers the ability to exponentially improve their results.
Let’s go over some of the benefits of IPP notifications.
Greater Audience Reach
Conventional push ads are great in terms of engagement, but they offer limited reach because every publisher needs to request a subscription before they start sending alerts. This is especially noticeable in mobile IPP ads because iOS users behave very differently from people that use Android.
For years, publishers have been trying to reach iOS users because they spend almost twice as much on average. But, iOS didn’t allow push notifications until much later than Android, not to mention the fact that the ads were not as prominent. Now, IPP ads not only help publishers monetize iOS users but also show their ads to everyone that browses through their pages.
Reduce Banner Blindness Effect
Banner blindness is a term used to describe the phenomenon where consumers completely ignore obvious ads. IPP notifications are not only prominent, but they also look like a device alert. This calls the user’s attention regardless of the situation, reducing the banner blindness effect and boosting engagement at the same time.
Relies on Real-Time Technology
IPP ads are similar to pop ads because of the mechanism they employ. But, this innovative format is compatible with real-time bidding, which means that publishers can sell each impression for its maximum potential value.
This becomes even more valuable when working with a revshare partner that offers a huge commission, like Vimmuy’s market-leading 85%.
Allows for Targeting of Different Audiences
Besides allowing publishers to get the most from the traffic, the fact that IPP ads work on real-time technology also means that these affiliates have the ability to target different audiences.
Targeting abilities are essential in order to monetize traffic because users from different locations have varying values. Through IPP, publishers can participate in multiple programs that ask for traffic from specific demographic denominations and monetize these separately.
It’s Performance-Based
Selling ads per 1000 impressions is easier, but this also represents huge potential losses for publishers. Instead, IPP ads allow you to build performance-based campaigns.
And, with help from the right network, each conversion generated will represent a long-term gain rather than a few fast dollars.
How to Launch a Successful Push Notification Campaign
Now that we understand a bit more about IPP ads, let’s take a look at the steps you need to take to launch a successful in-page push notification campaign.
Remember that all publishers are different, so take the time to analyze each step and adjust it depending on your specific circumstances.
Focus on the Latest Operating Systems
New devices are released seemingly every year and avid consumers do their very best to keep up with the changes.
By focusing on the latest operating systems, you’ll ensure that your message is reaching users who are more likely to see the value in your ads and become conversions.
Ensure that the Images and Rich Media Elements Are Suitable
IPP notifications can include an image, but remember that it’s relatively small compared to other formats.ted space.
Therefore, you should choose an image that can be seen properly and fits within the limited space.
Choose a Reliable Tracking Platform
IPP ads are relatively new, but tracking providers have been able to adapt quickly because these creatives employ similar tech to pop adverts.
You can choose from a wide collection of tracking platforms, but make sure that these offer not only the ability to track IPP ads, but also provide a list of valuable metrics.
Craft a Set of Quality Creatives
You can’t create all the ads you need at once because you need to see how your audience behaves to the first versions.
That said, you should create the first set of ads with plenty of time and have them ready when building your campaign.
Test Out Emojis, Broad Targeting Settings, and Similar Variables
In addition to the image and the ad copy, you can also test out different variables like including emojis and trying out broad targeting settings for a bit to see what results you get.
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