Improving ad placement for publishers
Anna N

Ad placement is rather an important thing for publishers. Ad units have some placement criteria, there are size, type, and location nuances. Of course each ad network puts some special criteria, which are for this ad network only. Ads may be put automatically, but also somewhere it is allowed to rule ad placements.

Full page and banner ads can come in various sizes and formats, it depends. The placements differ, it may be the part of the webpage that is first displayed to the viewer and no need to scroll it all down. Or it may be below the fold. This seems meaningless, but in fact this can work even better.

Always focused on how captivating and catchy the ad is, users miss that ads must be displayed properly, in the right places. This issue can bring revenues or ruin all the campaign. Publishers should keep in mind that ad position is even more important than choosing the size of the ads. All this must look attractive to users. Ad space cannot be hidden, scrolling must be minimal. And if access to ads is quick and easy, this will raise your CTR and your profit.

A publisher must know two key factors – the website and the audience. Check it all about where all users like to hang out, check the number of users and where they come from.

So here is a guide about ad placement for publishers.

Use tools
Some basic tools must be ready. Analytics, SEO in case to monitor and analyze the traffic and audience.
Learn your audience
Use your tools and analyze which country your traffic is coming from. This is how you may get something about what ad placement is popular.
Pay attention to ad viewability
  • Test ad layouts, sizes, placements 
  • Check your page if it loads well 
  • Optimize your webpage for mobile
  • Test how the ads work within various channels
This is a bit more than several phrases. Placing ads is more complicated.  
Improve and check ad performance
Test and keep your eye on what’s working and what’s not. Monitor viewability, CTR, revenue generating. Evaluate past ads.
Don’t stop testing
Try some new tips. Use various layouts, different types of ads, display, rich media, video. Your profitable combinations will appear. Just make no pauses and be ready to improve your ads.