How to turn traffic into the money
Katrina L

Would you like to receive passive income from the website in which you have invested a lot of time and effort? One way to achieve this goal is to monetize your traffic.

You can monetize traffic in different ways, one of the most reliable is cooperation with a proven advertising network.

In this article, everything about what traffic monetization is, how it works, when is the best time to start, what formats can be used, what profit to expect, as well as the benefits of working with the Vimmy ad network.

Traffic monetization
Website monetization – the process of converting your website traffic into income. Monetization occurs through setting up ads on your site and making a profit from the ad network for every click of your users.
Any website can be monetized: informational, news, commercial, personal blog, entertainment. Monetization will be more successful and profitable if you have enough traffic and the right format. How much you can earn on the website depends on the number of regular visitors. The good news is that you can successfully monetize your traffic with even less than 10,000 daily visitors.
When to start
The best day to start earning and monetize your traffic is of course today. However, you shouldn’t start monetizing right after launching your website. Firstly, if configured incorrectly, this can worsen the User experience.
Secondly, the profit in this case will be very small due to insignificant traffic. Conduct SEO optimization, fill the site with interesting content, find your loyal audience and then you can get down to business.
Earnings with an ad network
Advertising networks such as Vimmy are the link in the transfer of traffic / money between Publishers and Advertisers.
To make money on your site stable, long-term and that it would’t bring unnecessary stress and tasks, it is important to start cooperation with a reliable partner who can support, suggest and offer the most profitable advertising format. Vimmy is a reliable ad network with a large number of direct advertisers, caring support and the most profitable payout system for website owners and publishers.
What formats can you use to monetize?
You will find three ad formats in Vimmy: Push Notifications, In-Page Push, and Calendar Push.  


At Vimmy, publishers use Multitag, an intelligent solution that ensures you get the best combination of traffic for your website and ad format using an algorithm based on millions of conversions.
MULTITAG is a time-tested approach that will help you get a high CPM for your traffic.

Push notifications:

One of the best formats for traffic monetization. Push notifications – advertising notifications that work even if the user is not currently using a browser. Advertising works on a subscription basis. The user who agrees to receive notifications will receive advertisements according to the specified settings. The format works both on the desktop and on all Android mobile devices.

Calendar Push:

Analogue of the Push-notification format for iOS and macOS devices. New, ultra-profitable format with low competition and high eCPM.

In-Page Push:

(IPP traffic) – pop-up banner ads, externally have an almost identical design with classic Push, in fact, this is a banner which is shown until the user closes it. Supports all browsers and platforms, including iOS.
Payouts for publishers are most often based on the CPS or Revshare model. At Vimmy, we work with the Revshare payment system as it has many advantages for publishers and is more efficient and profitable over the long run. More details about the advantages of working with the payout model and the difference with the CPS model can be found here.
At the moment, Vimmy is the only ad network that pays 85% of the cost of every click made by your subscribers.
A high level of automation, a convenient self-serve platform and an optimal staffing allow us to offer such favorable conditions.
Benefits of working with Vimmy
  • Reliability
  • Guaranteed and the highest payments among networks according to the Revshara system 85%
  • Support 24/7
  • New highly profitable Calendar Push ad format for iOS users.
  • Multitag
  • High level of workflow automation
  • Convenient self-serve platform
  • Over 5000 active advertisers
How to start
In the article “Step by step guide for publishers” you will find detailed information on how to become a Vimmy partner and start making money – monetizing traffic in just 4 easy steps.  
Ultimately, site monetization is a good, easy to set up and manageable way of passive income, especially if you approach the task wisely, choosing reliable partners from the very beginning.
In this business, as in all others, the main thing is to start.

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