How to launch on Utility & Case Study
Katrina L

Today, Utility – well-known applications used by ordinary users, and not exclusively newfangled applications for programmers to work with.

The use of Utility has long gone beyond desktop users and now converts perfectly for mobile traffic in all GEOs.

In the article we will talk about what Utility is, give a couple of tips on choosing a format and optimizing a campaign, and also show a fresh case for a Utility for android.

What is a Utility:
In affiliate marketing, offers for Utility belong to the Utilities vertical.
Utility - applications that speed up the device, save power, offer various screensavers for a mobile device, as well as cleaners, browsers, antiviruses, explorers, cloud storage and launchers.
How to launch on Utility
  • Utility offers are well suited for beginners, because they convert perfectly on TIER 2 and TIER3.
  • For the Utility vertical, the In-page Push format is well suited, which can often be confused with system alerts.
  • Offers for Utility also convert well with classic push notifications.
  • Use targeting by operating system versions, monitor the less effective ones and disable them. For offers with a simple conversion (installation), our Smart Optimization Tools are perfect for quickly shutting down inefficient websites.
Case Study
In order not to be unfounded, in addition to our words, a case for a Utility through Android, with a very good ROI of 45%.
Android Utility offer
Flow: Install
There are a lot of offers, as well as the Utility themselves. And each smartphone user is easily ready to download and install them. Especially if Creo explains to him clearly why he needs it, how cool it will be and how a particular application will simplify the use of the phone.
Therefore, launching on Utility is promising and profitable. And that is precisely what we are here for.
  Do you launch on Utility?