How to improve campaign performance
Katrina L

Dear friends!

In this article, we want to tell you about the advantages and advanced possibilities of using S2S postback in your work with Vimmy.

Installing and configuring the S2S conversion transmission allows you to transfer conversions from your tracker to Vimmy statistics.
This will help in analyzing the traffic provided, thereby making it more profitable and suitable for you, as well as using Smart Optimization Tools for automatic optimization. To transfer conversions, you need to install and configure the postback URL, your link is available in the Tracking section of your personal account.
Why is it important?
Vimmy does its best to provide you with only the highest quality traffic. The only question is which traffic is of the highest quality for you!
What works for some clients and verticals may not work for others. Analytics based on offers and data about your conversion will allow us to provide more appropriate traffic sources for your campaigns.
  • Automation – receiving conversion data, we will be able to customize the base of automatic rules based on the cost of conversion or their number.
  • Increasing your ROI –  Knowing your maximum cost per conversion data we will be able to leave only those traffic sources that match the rules / parameters that you have set.
  • Refunds – The S2S postback gives us the ability to see if a particular source is different from others or changes throughout the day. With this information, we can make the refund process even easier and faster.
  • Global BL sources – Based on the information received, we will be able to reduce or even limit those traffic sources that do not work for most of our customers, before they harm your campaign / conversion.
  • More accurate analytics – Analyzing conversion data from most of our users will allow us to offer you the most accurate presets possible, which will save you time and money when working with less suitable equivalents.
  • Additional sources – To express our gratitude for the cooperation, exclusively for users who have installed S2S postbacks, we have created a separate white list with the most effective traffic sources.
Installation instructions
In most trackers, you can already select Vimmy from the list of ad networks and all tokens and settings will be added automatically.
In your personal account, we have already prepared a customized postback for the most popular trackers Binom, Voluum, BeMob, PeerClick. The link will look like this{externalid}&payout={payout}  
You need to copy this link into the Posback URL
field in the traffic settings of the resource in the tracker and make sure that you pass the {click_id} token to the tracker. Job well done. 
If you still need help in setting up, we will always help you through our live chat. Thanks for reading till the end.