How to avoid web page monetization mistakes
Anna N

Is your CPM low and are your revenues poorer than expected? But you tried to do your best and worked hard, what’s wrong there? There are some critical difficulties that publishers have to meet. Let our team tell you about critical website monetization mistakes.


Do not place too many ads on a single page, this scares your audience.
More ads does not mean more money. Users will be distracted by lots of various messages.
Combine ad formats.
Put some banners and do not use multiple formats together. Do not use different placements and sizes of banners. It all must be suitable.
Do not slice your posts in your blog with ads.
Too many ad banners in your content will be a red flag for your audience.
Do not use too many ad formats.
It feels like an annoying attack of banners, videos, pushes and popunders. And the productivity of each of them decreases. Use a single ad type, add one more and check the results, learn and make conclusions. Pick some best ads and use them.
Adapt ad formats to your niche and content.
It is rather strange if there is no match at all. Combine ads and webpage materials to make the highest revenue.
Do not use ad formats unsuitable to your traffic.
No desktop banners for mobile web pages. No pop-ups blocking all the content. No push notifications which can be easily blocked by users.
Set frequency of popunder ads correctly.
Do not aim and show your ads as much as possible. This strategy leads to nowhere. CPM will be decreasing.
Place ad units right.
Do not use your home page, this will annoy and distract. Check your webpage areas to see which are seen and which are ignored and test your ads using this research.
Use one ad network.
Two or more will not help. Moreover, your CPM will fall down. Focus on one ad network, learn how it works and be ready to research and check for new tips and hints for it. One clear focus is a great helper, but many goals do no good.
Do not remove the ad network's script too early.
Passive income is such an instant thing. But your income depends on users actions, ad placement and traffic amount.
Use ad codes and scripts correctly.
Do not put any corrections to the scripts you get from the ad network. If you are not sure, just do not try. If you copy some code not the right way, your CPM falls.
Test and check some AdBlock-friendly new formats.
You may miss some nice ways to earn more profit if you ignore the newest things.
Do not check the CPM only.
Pay attention to all the website's metrics, it is really important. CTR, clicks are a big deal too. CTR is not the greatest measure of your success.
This was a bunch of our experience gained within years. Vimmy wants you to be ready for various issues and solve them easily.
Do not be afraid to start your work and get your first revenues. This is not as complicated as it seems, and our support team will help you 24/7/365, so any problem will be solved quickly. Go and launch!