How to avoid losing first deposit
Katrina L

Push notifications?  Another scam!

Any novice affiliate who rushed and lost the first deposit will say.

In this article, I want to share tips on where to start and how to make sure that affiliate marketing is working for you and generates income.

What do we do when we come to a new place of work or get acquainted with a new field of activity? Most often we study, read, ask, clarify the points we do not understand.
So in affiliate marketing, if this is a new area for you, I suggest that you first study blogs, (for example, Vimmy blog) forums, cases, join Telegram channels, chat with people who are already making money on Push notifications. In this case, your chances of success multiply.
You should always test your Creatives.
Follow the tips below:
  • Test wisely. Start with 1-2 GEOs.
  • Choose Tier 2 or 3 if you have a small budget on testing.
  • In this case, your chances of success are multiplied. Start with High user activity (that is, users who subscribe to push notifications from 1 to 3 days).
  • Quickly eliminate all ineffective sources and targeting and focus on no more than 1-2 offers.
  • It is impossible to get an idea of the quality of traffic on the Tier 1 network for $ 50. Therefore, if you have a limited budget, do not choose large GEOs, as there is high competition and, accordingly, a high cost per click.
Conciseness in the title and description of how to make a good Creative can be found here. Again, people don’t read beyond the first 3 words, take that into account. Correct spelling is also very important. So each language has its own nuances, different dialects and slang. If you are not sure and the Translater cannot cope, ask a native speaker for help, because there is a difference whether the text is written correctly or not, it is always about the trust of your target audience.
  • Set the recommended bid and watch the winrate. The optimal indicator to strive for in order to take a confident place in the auction is more than 50% (This means that the rate is relevant).
  • Quickly add placements with negative profit to the blacklist according to your strategy. The importance of strategy in affiliate marketing cannot be overemphasized, so read this for the practical steps for crafting your personal strategy.
  • Promptly exclude targetings that won’t convert (OS versions, operators, browser languages).
  • You should have an understanding of how much traffic from the placement you can draw conclusions from and create a blacklist.
  • Set daily and hourly limits in case your targeting has a lot of traffic. This is necessary in order to have time to remove sources that do not fit.
Optimization is the process of changing a campaign to maximize profit. Optimization conclusions are based on statistical data. Therefore, I give a specific example below.
Campaign statistics for the period from April 27, 2020 to June 21, 2020
In April-May, we tested an offer with in-app purchases. Initially, the results were positive, but some of the traffic did not convert. Therefore, on May 22, the campaign was stopped. All “bad” placements and sites were disabled, optimization was made in terms of ad display time, OS versions, and the rate was raised in order to get more necessary traffic. On the second screenshot you can see that the scaling was done successfully and the profit increased significantly.
Campaign statistics for the period from 05/16/2020 to 06/10/2020
Important:In the example, the cost of conversion is quite high, reaching $ 22. Therefore, an amount of $ 500 was allocated for the test. On offers with a simpler flow, the amount per test will be less, but the principle of optimizing the campaigns withdrawal remains the same.
Other people’s cases
The Internet is full of cases about “How I Made a Million”. Don’t try to repeat someone else’s, even very profitable and successful cases. This is a surefire way to drain your budget. No one will ever tell where and how they make big money, if they still have it. Cases are needed to take note of: an idea for a Creative, customize target audience, various tips and traffic drain options.
Your goal is to test different layers of traffic in the network and find the ones you need. While the highest quality sources are added to whitelists and redeemed at a higher cost per click.
REMEMBER: that at first you will most likely buy traffic that is of low cost because it has already been excluded from your competitors’ campaigns.
The system is very simple: more analytics and optimization → more profit.