How To Increase Dwell Time
Anna N

First you may wonder why one should think about dwell time, so there must be some explanation. Why is increasing dwell time so important? How does it raise your ad views and revenues?

If dwell time is good, there is more user engagement. People interact with ads and reading time is increased, so you may have a chance to place ads below the fold. More traffic leads to more conversions, and their potential rate affects your profits.

As we already told you in our first article about dwell time, Google never made an official statement that cares about dwell time, but there were some slight hints that Google considers dwell time to be a ranking signal. So if a user goes to any web page and returns quickly, it affects your traffic and your revenues.


Methods of dwell time improving:


Write longer, write better
People would spend more time looking through your internet page if it is entertaining, interesting, original. Try to write texts and articles with at least 2000 symbols.
No fillers in your posts, of course, but publish good stuff which is quite long. Pay attention to your material, if they are long but not sensible or useful, no one would read this. Poor content is bad, it will never help.
Turn on comments
They are discussions which are interesting and engaging. People like jumping into live discussions between real users. Comments are content!
No one would quickly press the escape button if they see a huge amount of comments under some article. This boosts your dwell time. It is always so entertaining to read what other people say!
Level up page speed
Your web page speed is a significant factor in how to make a first impression and not to fail it. If downloading is slow, people will not wait, they have no time.
There is no patience now because time is precious. You can check your page speed here and here.
Put your content partly
Break it, let it be chunks which are comfortable to read. Sections and continuations of well done texts will make users go back to your page again or click parts - part 2, part 3, read more.
It makes them stay longer and boost your dwell time of course. Use visuals, videos, screenshots. Visuals do really help people implement the material.
Use videos
This is an excellent type of content which engages. People like watching, it is fast and comfortable, and of course it makes them stay within your page.
Videos help in keeping users interested and videos are usually 1-2 minutes long, so this is enough to improve your dwell time.
Check mobile optimization
Lots of users have mobile devices, but a page with no mobile optimizations will not reach the top. If your page is hard to use, people will not do it, they will never stick around and boost your dwell time.
Make it comfortable and fast. Mobile-friendly web pages bring more benefits.
Fit search intent
Be as relevant as you can. Check your content if it fits reasons for searching or search intents. Check necessary keywords.
Google will put you into the list of the most relevant and suitable results based on users who stay on web pages or leave them.
To raise your dwell speed work on your web page content using any means. Videos, comments, dividing texts into parts, and of course use technical means - remember search intents, mobile optimizing and web page speed. And write interesting entertainment involving things!
People should stick to your articles and materials and spend as much time as possible scrolling your internet site.
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