FAQ: What to do at the conference for affiliates
Katrina L

Saw an advertisement about the upcoming conference. Cool! Pondered: you need to buy a ticket, go somewhere, but what to do there? What to talk about? With whom? Is the game worth the candle? Maybe nuh?

Definitely worth it! Especially for a beginner. Let’s look at what this conference is about, how to prepare for it and what is useful there.

Checklist: check everything before the conference
  • Business cards - you can’t even remember the names of a couple of new people. At conferences - dozens of new names! Without business cards, no one will remember anyone. Stylish bright business cards are a must have.
  • Concise self-presentation - who you are, what you launch at, what type of traffic you use, how much you work. It is better to prepare in advance so that it sounds short and to the point. And if possible - to be interesting.
  • Action plan - study the list of speakers, mark the most interesting ones for yourself. Which booths to prioritize? Do you need exclusive offers, are you looking for a job, a certain traffic?
  • Little things - decide where to write important things down. Notepad, phone notes?
  • Forums - professional forums, telegram channels or Facebook groups have posts or threads about conferences. If not, you can create one. Ask colleagues who will go, who is interested in what, offer to meet, exchange experiences, discuss speakers.
What to do to get the maximum effect
Meet everyone, with or without a plan. Super affiliates, CEOs of companies, leads of affiliate teams are not always speakers. You don't ask, you don't know. Many don't stand out. Communication and only communication is the key to a successful conference. Use all opportunities. Ask “what do you think about...” - traffic, report, speaker (substitute anything). Let the conference be an occasion to talk.
Ask what a new acquaintance is doing, listen. Tell a little about yourself. Look for common ground, at the end - offer to exchange contacts, give that business card.
Newbie in the field
You have just started working in the field, no cases or experience. What to do? Same! Only 10 times as hard. Do not invent cases, do not lie. Everyone started somewhere. Being a newbie is not a stigma. Go to the booths, communicate with company representatives. Find out about working conditions, market news. Inquire about useful tips from colleagues.  
Be active! The conference is first of all - knowledge. Don't be afraid to receive it.
You are a beginner, use this to your advantage. Show genuine interest, listen more to others, participate in group discussions, write down insights.Always ask an open-ended question to get a detailed answer. Forget about the existence of stupid questions, they don't exist.
If your eyes on the goal, you don't see obstacles
You went, looked, talked, business cards - handed out, contacts - collected. That's it, well done. Can you rest? Nope. After the conference, the next stage of “work” will begin. Processing of received data.
Write to new acquaintances, ask about your impressions of the conference, remind about yourself, and agree on cooperation. Prepare and send out a CV if you are looking for a job in a team. Just keep in touch! You never know what kind of acquaintance will come in handy.
In addition to new useful acquaintances, you can also chat with the “veterans” of the industry you know. Communication with comrades in the industry is always a productive business.
Conferences are a great opportunity for productive networking, meetings with potential partners and employers or future employees.
Conferences - an opportunity to get exclusive conditions in affiliate programs, personally converse with managers. Hear about the latest trends and industry news. Get information and experience first hand.   Do you attend affiliate marketing conferences?