FAQ about cryptocurrency verticals
Katrina L

While some say that affiliate marketing is finished, others see opportunities and launch campaigns or into crypto with new ad formats, and all because they are not afraid to try new things. And they earn. Catch the wave and be in trend – that’s what is important in our field.

Let’s talk about the crypto vertical, which is becoming more and more popular among affiliates.

What are we talking about?
Now the cryptocurrency market is reminiscent of the dot-com fever of 2000 (an economic bubble that existed between about 1995 and 2001). Having invested in the company “” could potentially become a millionaire tomorrow or lose everything in the same amount of time.
It seems to many that there is a magic pill that will help you find the hidden MONEY button, and this is how millions of marketing fraudsters make capital by selling their courses.
But is it really a “bubble”? More and more companies accept cryptocurrency as payment: PayPal, KFC, Steam, BMW,, Norwegian, Tesla and more than 50 large companies around the world. El Salvador only in January 2022 bought Bitcoin for $15 million. And the tax on profits from cryptocurrency has already been introduced in many states. In one case or another, payments for cryptocurrency offers are high, the audience is interested, the number of crypto owners increases from year to year, which means you can WORK.
What can I use in crypto?
Cryptocurrency vertical implies offers of earning on trading, investments, education, training, initial coin offering (ICO), crypto exchange, learning blockchains and auto trading.
Typical crypto buyer
The first image that comes to mind, of course, are men from 30 - 60 years old in a blue three-piece suit who have just left Tony Robinson's training.
Fortunately, not everything is so banal, yes, of course, one of the audiences of the crypto vertical is solvent men with higher education, but also the holders and investors in the crypto are students, housewives and people from Tier 3 developing countries. Much depends on the offer, because the audience for the ICO (initial coin offering), where the entry threshold is high and the advertising of courses How easy it is to make money on crypto, are different target audiences.
Top 5 countries of cryptocurrency holders.
  • India (100 million)
  • U.S. (27 million)
  • Nigeria (13 million)
  • Vietnam (5.9 million)
  • United Kingdom (3.3 million)
Unexpected, right? When talking about bitcoin, Germany, the UK and other Tier 1 countries come to mind first, and not Nigeria at all.
Demographics of cryptocurrency holders:
  • 79% men, 21% women.
  • 58% are under 34 years old.
  • 82% have a bachelor's degree or higher.
  • 36% have an annual income of more than 100 thousand U.S. dollars.
Nice to know 
  • The crypto has high payouts, but the entry threshold is above average. The minimum deposit is no longer enough.
  • As we can see from the statistics, TIer 3 is more than good for crypto offers. So the traffic itself is cheaper.
  • Good old push ups and pop ups are suitable for many verticals. Crypto is no exception.
  • Usually, we are not talking about the simplest target action, for example, depositing money into a broker’s account – is much “more difficult” than downloading a game or confirming an email, so patience is needed in this vertical.
  • Possibility of prepayment. Despite the fact that the payouts are quite high, the bonus in the form of an advance payment will never be superfluous.
Any vertical has its own advantages. If someone says that it is easy to get into the crypt, then he is disingenuous. As elsewhere, everything needs to be sorted out, understood, tested.
If the vertical were non-working, no one would work with it, and if this is not the case, then you need to act while the trend is on.
Are you into crypto?