Everything about VPN offers + Case study
Katrina L

Today, VPNs are used by more and more ordinary users, not just IT gurus or corporations. Precisely because of its reach to such a large audience, VPN offers have a great conversion rate in almost all GEOs, and this is a great opportunity to earn money that should not be missed! 

The article details what a VPN is, how to choose a successful offer, what format converts more, what target audience to target, as well as a fresh case with real numbers.

What is VPN and how does it work
VPN (Virtual Private Network) — it is a secure, encrypted connection of the user to the network, with which he can bypass local restrictions and maintain confidentiality.
VPN protects data from those who are trying to find out what you are doing on the Internet - and will be useful to anyone who worries about the safety and privacy of their information.
In simple words, a VPN connects your computer or phone through an encrypted virtual tunnel to a remote server through which you access the Internet. This server can be located anywhere. Your ISP (Internet service provider) may know that you are using a VPN, but not what you are using it for. For the authorities and the websites you visit, you become a foreign user.
VPN in everyday life?
The average user who receives your notification may have a quite natural question: Do I need a VPN in my everyday life? The answer is yes.
VPN gives:
  • Protection./Security. The transmitted information is available only if the encryption key is available; A VPN protects data from a provider that may share website history with advertisers and other third parties, as well as from cyber attacks and identity theft.
  • Geolocation masking.  Geolocation data does not come from the device, but from the VPN server. It may be located in another country, and it becomes impossible to determine the location. In addition, the service may not even keep a log of user actions. Accordingly, no one will get access to the history of his actions, because it simply does not exist;
  • Access to regional content. When traveling abroad, you may lose the opportunity to watch content intended for your “home” region. A secure connection "spoofs" your location with the location of an intermediate server located in another country;
  • Secure data transmission. When working remotely, you may need to access sensitive corporate data. To reduce the likelihood of a leak, they use an encrypted data connection.
VPN Market Trends 2021
Detailed research and statistics on VPN usage, age data of users, statistics on the most widely used VPN services, and the impact of COVID 19 on VPN usage can be viewed by link below.
Based on statistical data, we see that the VPN market is constantly growing.   Research predicts that the VPN market will be valued at $ 92 billion by 2027.   By 2020, 2/3 of US residents and one in three users worldwide have used a VPN. This makes the vertical incredibly promising and profitable.   At the moment, TOP GEO for VPN offers: Japan and USA.
How to choose a VPN offer
When choosing, please note that from the point of view of a client who decided to download a VPN, it is important: price, user reviews, subscription period, ease of use and installation, and availability of support. 
Regardless of the vertical, choosing a good offer is a significant part of a successful campaign.
The most profitable will be offers with payment for the purchase of a CPE trial period (cost-per-engage), because the conversion price in this case is much higher than the CPI (cost-per-install) model.   VPN free trial offers are also a great option, especially for a novice affiliate marketer, as it is much easier for a user to agree to a trial without entering credit card details and paying for the app. The simpler the flow, the faster you can optimize your campaign.
Which ad format should you choose?
VPN offers perfect conversion with time-tested Push notifications, as well as Popunders.
You definitely shouldn't be limited to just what everyone is doing. In addition to the classic options, Vimmy offers you a new Calendar push notifications format, which makes it possible to send notifications to iOS users, which was not available before.
Calendar Push is an analogue of the classic push, now available for iOS and macOS users, which comes to the user in the form of an upcoming event from the calendar application, thereby causing maximum trust. Calendar Push shows an excellent conversion rate on VPN offers. Fresh subscribers and little competition are a great combination to safely recommend the format. You can read a detailed tutorial on working with Calendar Push on our blog.
Profitable VPN vertical campaign
As with any campaign, strategy and consistency are important.
  1. Analyze the market and competitors' offers
  2. Create suitable creatives: How to create a creative that will convert and bring profit.
  3. Create a landing page: exploring competitors' options is not forbidden. Optimize your landing page for both desktop and mobile. This will definitely boost conversion rate at the expense of more users.
  4. Create a campaign with Vimmy.
  5. Optimize. Remember that for your convenience, Vimmy has the Smart tools optimization feature, which allows you to quickly and easily optimize advertising campaigns according to the parameters you set, for example, automatically stop poorly converting websites and creatives.
Case study
We asked one of our advertisers to share the results of one of his VPN campaigns.
Ad network: Vimmy
Format: In-page Push
Offer: asked to be kept secret. CPI / JP payout $ 1.4
Period: July 2021
ROI: 188%
The key to a successful bundle is the correct selection of creative and landing page for a specific type of traffic. In-page push format effectively shows itself on streaming and adult sites.  In this case, the combination with the recommendation to install a VPN works well in order to continue watching the video.
    This information is just the tip of the iceberg and a guideline for creating your own approach working with VPN offers.
Start working now
The VPN market is growing, so the vertical is one of the most promising and relevant at the moment. Take this chance and start making money today.
For even more profit, remember to test new approaches and new format capabilities available on Vimmy to reach as many interested audiences as possible.
If you have any questions, please contact our live chat, we will be happy to help.