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Detailed guide on how to work with Calendar Push
Katrina L

Previously, push traffic was limited to Android users only, since the iOS operating system technically does not allow sending notifications through the browser. This limited advertisers’ access to such a paying audience.

Everything is changing and now we are glad to introduce you to a new promising Сalendar push format, which allows you to send Push notifications to iPhone users around the world, through the Calendar application, which gives notifications exceptional trust and a great conversion.

Profit pays off the costs of advertising campaigns quickly and repeatedly, all due to little competition and fresh iPhone users, and this is more than 1 billion users around the world who have not received push notifications before. That is why the format is perfect for both a beginner and an experienced affiliate marketer.

In this guide, you will find detailed information about the new format, everything about setting up and launching a successful campaign, as well as a couple of insights and tips.

iOS Calendar Push traffic
Calendar Push notifications appear in the Calendar app, which is a scheduled event on every iOS and macOS device. As the “event” approaches, the user will receive reminder notifications.
As a classic of the genre, the format uses a subscription-based model, that is, permission is requested to send notifications and receive notifications from the Calendar application. A significant difference from classic push notifications is the absence of an image and an icon. iOS Calendar Push notification consists only of title, link and description. Notifications are displayed immediately, even on a locked smartphone screen, a great advantage, right?     After the user opens the calendar application with the proposed event, they see your notification, namely the title, text and link. By clicking on the link, the user goes to the landing page. Nativeness of the notification is one of the advantages of the format, nowadays the user receives at least 46 notifications per day, which is why he is susceptible to the effect of banner blindness and no longer notices incoming push notifications.  
Reminders of events coming from your own calendar do not cause such annoyance and are perceived as something useful and necessary.
The format shows a good conversion in almost all verticals and Geo, so there are no questions about what and where to invest in.  
From the verticals we would note:
  • Applications from the Appstore. VPN, antivirus, games.
  • Finance.
  • Dating.
  • Crypto.
  • Gambling.
Worldwide usage statistics for iOs and Android phones in June 2020 also give us a good idea of the whereabouts of our potential customers. Source: Statista and Stat Counter
If we talk about GEO, then these are more than 50 countries, mainly: USA, Japan, Russia, Germany, India and France. The exact traffic volumes and prices can be found in the Traffic chart section.
Setting up an iOS calendar Push campaign
Launching a campaign for iOS Calendar Push as simple as possible! Log in to your account, in the “Campaigns” section, select “Create campaign” and then the Calendar Push format. Then everything is as usual: title, description, URL, targeting selection and campaign launch.
Calendar Push consists of three elements:
  1. Title. Up to 150 characters
  2. Description. Up to 250 characters
  3. URL to the offer or landing page
Then set up targeting:
Country, OS version, connection type (3G / Wi-Fi), black / white lists, site and placement, ip-ranges.
For more personalization of the push, you can use the {city} and {city en} macros in your ads. These macros reveal the city the user is in. Relevant for dating, sweeps[a], gambling and crypt. You can read more about the {city} macros here.
Insights from Vimmy
  • For calendars, we recommend at least $ 300 to start.
  • The auction is BALANCE-DEPENDENT. You must maintain a positive account balance. We recommend x2 of your daily budget.
  • Since the notification is displayed as an upcoming event, users can click on it anytime before, during, or even after the event. This means that sometimes you may receive clicks up to three days after the initial notification was sent.
  • iOS users have above average income + ease of shopping in the Apple ecosystem! These factors are good for conversions.
  • There is no need to create images. Text + emoji is the choice of professionals. You can still use call-to-action words like “Just for today”, “Now”, “Fast”, “Limited offer”, etc. to get more attention for your ads and increase the CTR. Also, adapt the headlines for current events or make notifications look like personal alerts.
When new opportunities emerge on the market, the key is to act as soon as possible. It’s like buying Bitcoin – it’s a pity that I didn’t buy it 5 years ago, I would now be a millionaire. iOS Calendar Push is a new ad format that hasn’t gotten boring yet. Low competition and high CTR. Great opportunity isn’t it? Yes, and you need to use it right now!  
A nice bonus for you is a promo code from Vimmy, we will add $ 50 when you deposit $ 300 using the promo code “CALENDAR300”.
If you are ready to earn even more together with the top format of 2021 – the link to launch the campaign is HERE.