Bringing traffic to your web page – three ways to use
Anna N

Every user wants more and more traffic coming, and a constant increase of it is the best thing which can happen. But you must remember that you must have a huge budget for advertisement. And your brand needs links from web pages with a high level of authority. If you do not have this, your page is just like a tiny drop in the ocean of internet and other pages.

But your creativity and willingness to be persistent, relevant and resourceful are your main helpers. And Vimmy team is going to tell you about several reliable and trustworthy instruments of raising your webpage traffic a lot. Here we go now!

SEO, SEO, more SEO
SEO is such a thing that everyone claims it is dead saying it probably once in a few months. But it is still alive and works well. The results of working with it show that SEO is actual nowadays, so there is no sense to forget it. Of course it is obvious that Search Engine Optimization has changed dramatically since its first days of existence. But anyway, well made SEO combines on-page and off-page SEO. And highly optimized sites do better than sites with an equal value that are not optimized. There is still a need to work on your SEO part of your strategy.
And here are a few great principles that will ensure your site does well. Even if something changed greatly, there are still some basic points which are fundamental.  
  1. Sort all keywords (one unique keyword for each page)
  2. Work on meta tags, title tags and headings (they must be various on every page)
  3. No optimizing secondary pages using main page keywords
  4. Use programs for audit and look through all the errors which may occur
  5. Do not duplicate metatags and do not use broken links
  6. Compress your page for increasing its download
  7. Write your codes manually in order to minimize unnecessary code, HTML editors produce the unclean one
  8. Minimize redirects and work on server response time
  9. Upgrade your hosting plan because it can help you a lot and improve your web page speed and ranking
Getting all your guests’ attention
Users coming to your page first usually find it through searching engines. So if their eyes and attention are catched, you win. Work on your site’s content and design to grab first attention. High relevance is important to be seen and good content is significant to involve users. So the first impression is the hugest part of the deal. Here are some hints to improve your web page appeal.
  1. Use attractive headlines: their impact is enormous, so make them catchy by analyzing some top headlines written by well skilled writers and marketers.
  2. Use effective images: they must be understandable and not only beautiful, make them suit your web page.
Involving into social flow
Your traffic must be natural or there will be nothing appreciable. Social part of internet life is important here. Not only perfect and brilliant content wins. It needs to make a buzz and it needs you to be its public relations team. So here you go. The real value of giving warm feedback to your readers and users increases engagement. They see that you care and they are more interested in some interaction and communication.
  1. Get into community: join group discussions, reply to comments to show that you care a lot, use broadcast to interact with your audience.
  2. Comment on other relevant blogs and be relevant: stuff which is interesting for your audience is perfect and necessary, and stuff which is actual for you is not a good choice, you must learn and research what your users care about
Nothing is done at glance. Site traffic is a huge part of your page promotion, and you must pay with your time, efforts and care. Research, analize, optimize and combine. Watch all the details and pay attention to social engagement.
When you finally complete it all, your traffic will increase and all your efforts will be recouped. So go and start right now with all the tips that Vimmy team gave you!