Bot prevention. No bot traffic is allowed!
Anna N

When publishers test and use bots for their web pages, there is no real understanding about it affecting all the useful efforts. And even if there is a wish to prevent and stop bot wave, there is no chance and no knowledge. The main point is that every publisher must know how to identify if some parts of your traffic come from bots.


What you can do
  • Check your page load speed
  • Trace the sources and find the one with soaring traffic
  • Verify traffic sources and IP address
  • Try checking browser versions or devices
  • Test for duplicate content
  • Use fake traffic detection tools
One of the main things is to detect all the traffic which comes to your page from unknown sources, but this does not mean that it is full of bots. To be more clear, if most of your traffic comes from any particular country and there’s a sudden increase in traffic from a different country, you must be prepared. This is a huge percentage of bots coming to you. All the suspicious geolocations, multiple visits, outdated browsers are a sign of bots too. Look for unusual traffic spikes from a particular browser or device, and here you find your bots. Bot attacks and traffic may affect your content. Your webpage depends on it, it is your treasure giving your impressions and visitors, so be sure that you have no bots. They make your content lose its meaning and purpose. So check for duplicate content to ensure that no scraper bots are present on your site.
Stopping bots
Vimmy team gave you some hints on identifying bots in your traffic. Filtering bot traffic and searching for its prevention is rather important. It is not a huge deal to save your webpage and decrease bot damage. But first you need to find out what is the traffic source which caused your problems and issues. All the solutions depend on it.
Bots are like some virus danger. They attack your page and steal your data. A lot of problems appear, and damage is huge sometimes. And if you find some bots in your traffic, you must do something against them immediately and act as soon as possible. You cannot block all the bots. There are some good bots like search engine crawlers. So your goal is to protect your page from bad bots.
How to prevent malicious bot actions.
  • Buy only legal paid traffic from well known sources
  • Place robots.txt on your website to prevent bad bots from crawling your pages
  • Set JavaScript for bot alerts and notifying you about bots
  • nstall a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDOS) protection or a good anti-malware extension
  • Examine the server log error files, because bots attempt to overrun servers
  • Use Type-Challenge Response Tests (TCRT): Add CAPTCHA to download or signup forms, especially from spambots
Bots are able to ruin your revenues and business very easily. They harm webpages and cause impressions’ failure and SEO penalties. So every publisher has to learn and take all the means and measures for bot awareness. Defending your page, tracking and stopping bot attacks is not as easy as you may wish, but it is not too complicated. Vimmy team told you some important tips.
Do not forget that prevention is more easy than fast stopping. Taking some preventative measures is a great idea to keep your page safe. No hackers and malware will damage you. It is almost impossible to block all the bot traffic ever existing, but you can filter good bots.
Finally just choose a vital solution for a high level of accuracy which will provide your safety. Test all the ways and means and improve your weak spots if it is necessary.