Blog monetization models for publishers
Anna N

When you start a new blog or website, you need to decide which monetization model you want. There are several of them, and each has its pros and cons. Your monetization changes depending on your circumstances, but look at all the models which Vimmy gives you and choose one of them. There is no right or wrong model, there is no easy model and no model giving you fast and huge revenues. You need to work well anyway. Prepare and be ready to put your best efforts into your monetization strategy.

Affiliate marketing
It is simple and promises nice results and revenues. It suits bloggers and even beginners. Here you get your income when users make a purchase, do a callback request, register on the site, download a price list, or other promotional materials.
There are lots of partner programmers.
Placing ads
This is the fastest way to have your money. No commissions on purchases, you are paid for impressions. But the amount of impressions grows slowly, and you will not get a huge amount of impressions at once. The very first payments will not be too high.
But when you make your page or blog successful, you will win! Usually there are banner ads, but smart and advanced publishers have already switched to new ad technologies and received higher payouts with Popunders, Inpage Push, and Native Banners.
Publishing guest posts
Posting someone’s articles with backlinks to their website is a good tip for profit too. This method is useful because by posting articles, you earn income and expand the topics of your blog’s content.
But one can get this hint and use it only for blogs with a high domain authority or domain ranking.
Selling digital products (e-books and online courses)
  • Electronic books (e-books)
  • Online courses
  • Manuals
  • Video clips
  • Text scripts
Sell your expertness, experience and knowledge. People are ready to pay for it. Your subscribers and readers are your potential customers. To earn some money you may sell such information products and services as:
Promoting your services through a blog
Your blog may be your promotion tool and this way of monetizing is rather simple.
Authors who have not enough time for blogging usually take this idea for work and well-known bloggers with a big audience also appreciate it.
When you pick your monetization model, work on your strategy after you made your choice. The main fundamental rule is not to hurry up too much.
The rush gives no benefits. Spend some time and grow your strategy on how to develop your blog. Complete your content strategy and improve your SEO. And later you may finally go and win your authority, traffic and revenues.