Are there any reasons for publishers?
Anna N

Publishers are motivated to spend money when the coming income is supposed to be bigger than the spent money amount. Such costs are usually aimed at acquiring an audience. Publishers expect new users to come and bring more traffic and revenues.

If your content is fully legitimate and original, and if you look at your audience while creating it, this is the main reason why you can buy more traffic. Well done content is always the best foundation based on people’s interest, issues and needs. So all this is the most ethical and effective way to look at buying traffic.

The traffic which was bought is usually sent to landing pages, website pages and some ads. The normal way to bring more income and monetize your web page is an organic way of course, and this is what we are used to. Some fair and clear methods must exist. Paid traffic can bring revenue during sports events when users come to watch matches and have to consume ads on a publisher’s inventory.

So, anyway, why publishers should buy web traffic, what are the reasons and benefits of money spendings?

Get more audience from the Tier you want
Typically, this is Tier-1. It is rather expensive. If you have helpful content, you can overcome your costs.
Expand the geo of your target audience
If you’re publishing some content about Hollywood movies and celebrities, you may buy some traffic from most English-speaking countries. It will certainly do good.
A quick way to research user behavior and reactions to ads
Organic content with paid traffic allows you to watch if you succeeded to attract the audience or not. It is a clear instrument to scan and analyze.
If you sell some products or services, you may check if people need it. All such means to improve your next ad campaigns. They bring you revenues and progress with more efficiency.
Increase your brand awareness with paid traffic
Brand awareness is quickly raised with paid traffic. Use keyword analytics and check if your web page is appearing at the top of search results even if people look for some competitor’s products, services and information.
Some more reasons why paid traffic is better than organic
  • Faster traffic growth
  • Laser-focus targeting
  • More likely to get multiple conversions
  • Transparent spending's
Buying traffic is a working tool to get more income and level up your web page SEO optimization. So try this if your content is ready. Without good texts and visual parts no money and traffic will help you to raise your brand awareness and increase your profits.