Affiliate’s routine: How often do you get converting offers?
Katrina L

How often do you come across something worthwhile? Which brings the desired profit? How many offers convert, 1 out of 5 or 1 out of 50, after the tests?

Why is there no sense in the offer proposed by the manager of the CPA network? How and how much do others test? How often do you come across offers that bring profit? Read on about this – in our article.

Companies with potential
There are a lot of potentially good offers, about 2% of all offered. And so you start with the tests, and there is a surprise waiting. A potentially good offer turns out not to be as good as the manager promised.
The key word - potential, not profitable.
In order for a “successful” offer to start converting, the stars and the skills of the affiliate must align. Potential is not a guarantee of profit.
Profitable campaign creator
The profitability of a campaign does not always depend on a successful or unsuccessful offer. Other skills are needed. For example, the ability to “build” and optimize a funnel.
If none of the campaigns found or offered to you (more on this below) does not convert, maybe the issue is somewhere else? Maybe you should hone your skills? Study traffic sources, understand optimization settings. Read about how to choose an offer, creating creatives and split testing.
Manager and offers
Do you know the situation when the manager says “this offer works fine”, but everything is in the red for you?
Turn on critical thinking. You are offered an offer, but if it has outlived its usefulness, there will be no profit. Or an offer that is generally okay, just not right for your type of traffic. Or you are being a guinea pig, to reveal the potential. Over time, you will understand where, what and who offers what to you.
And again - tests
How many tests do you need to do, to find something that works: 10, 50, 100, 200? What's the budget? Here everyone decides individually, but tests will always be the key to success.
The recipe is simple and complex at the same time. One test, the second test - repeat until you see the result.
Yes, someone can test up to 200 campaigns per week. And have time to scale the running ones. Not everyone has this “productivity” and “finding” successful campaigns. Someone can only test 3 campaigns at the same time frame. You need to test offers in different verticals and with traffic from different ad networks. What works with one network may not work on another, and vice versa.
Statistics would be helpful here. Pity, it's easier to find data on duck migration than the number of profitable offers per 1000 pieces. You won't find this kind of information on google.  So, how often do you come across profitable offers?  From personal experience, let's say - infrequently. Even within the same vertical, the appearance of a new “strong” advertiser is a rather rare event. Keep testing and practicing. You will definitely find success.
How often do you come across profitable offers?