A tiny guide: Popunders in 2023
Katrina L

An ad format must suit your webpage. Many publishers and webmasters gain higher CPM rates and payouts because they know which ad type must be chosen. If ads match, it is profitable and increases your incomes. So first, learn the ad types you will use.

Popunder ad is an ad type which suits almost perfectly and practically everywhere. So you can monetize all your traffic and have your profits if you use our article about Popunder ads.

Of course any ad network gives you a various list of ads which can be used by publishers for placing on websites. And you as a publisher must pick some ads and test them. Which one is going to work better and bring you more money – this is the main point. And you must test and learn all the ads to manage them, but popunder is an evergreen format with tons of adverts. So you may begin with it.

This is a full-page advertisement that does not occupy any space on your website. And it always appears in a new tab or browser window.

Popunder pros:
  • no occupancy the website’s space
  • no thinking where to put it;
  • no overlapping your web content;
  • launching loads of campaigns;
  • payout is higher and more stable;
  • user-friendly ad popping up in a new window;
  • a perfect match for multimedia content or any other visuals.
This ad type is mostly for desktop traffic, but it also works on mobile devices. It is not for massive iOS traffic. So if you work with iOS, you have to choose some more ad types to test.
Best CPA offers
Here is a free set of best CPA offers spiced with expert clues for future campaign settings. You may look it through and learn and test something.
VPN Boost (VPN App) – NEW
  • Traffic type: Mobile
  • GEO: JP (Japan), US (USA)
  • OS: iOS
FastwayVPN (VPN App) – NEW
  • Traffic type: Mobile
  • GEO: IT (Italia)
  • OS: iOS
Eloelo (Social App)
  • Traffic type: Mobile
  • GEO: IN (India)
  • OS: Android
VeePN (VPN App)
  • Traffic type: Mobile
  • GEO: AE (the United Arab Emirates), DE (Germany), FR (France), GB (the United Kingdom), NL (Netherlands), US (USA)
  • OS: iOS
Maya (PaymentApp)
  • Traffic type: Mobile
  • GEO: PH (Philippines)
  • OS: Android
Lemon8 (Social App)
  • Traffic type: Mobile
  • GEO: JP (Japan)
  • OS: iOS / Android
Fika (Social App)
  • Traffic type: Mobile
  • GEO: AR (Argentina,) BD (Bangladesh,) BR (Brazil,) ID (Indonesia,) IN (India,) MX (Mexico,) PE (Peru,) PK (Pakistan,) TR (Turkey)
  • OS: Android
Melon (VPN App)
  • Traffic type: Mobile
  • GEO: IT (Italy,) US (USA,) BR (Brazil,) GB (the Unighted Kingdom,) ZA (South Africa)
  • OS: iOS
Here was a short guide to help you begin with Popunder ads. If you try and test it, you will get more experience and raise you income. So do not hesitate and start you work with Vimmy team.