A list of some popular niche ideas for affiliate marketing
Anna N

It is not a smart idea to pick a blog niche which sounds nothing to you. To bring a good expertise there is no random choice. Success is when you balance personal interests, skills, and market trends. when you work and you know what you are working on.

There are tens of niches which bring you money. But think twice, do not tap your finger at one random thing. You must sit and analyze which niche is close to you, or just interesting and entertaining. Combine your personal interests and market trends.

Vimmy team is giving you a list of some rather popular niches. But choose any which is fascinating. Your work must bring fun and joy.

Lots of people travel and seek for some advice. They need law cost tickets, sales on hotels, car rentals,  insurance agencies and amusement parks. The task is to save money and avoid costly mistakes. Here are the top travel affiliate programs that have proven profitable in the past.
Travelpayouts’ affiliate network can provide anything. It comes from car renting to cheap plane tickets. There is a wide range of ready-to-use promotional tools (banners, links, APIs, etc.). The average commission is 1.6% for flight tickets and 6% for reserving hotels.
This is a famous website to help finding the cheapest flights to any destination point. It also offers car rentals. Skyscanner is one of the few truly reliable pay-per-click affiliate programs. Here you can gain up to $0.25 per click.
If one needs to book a flat or a hotel in another city, here it is. You can pick up to 25% of’s commission for every checked-out reservation. All reservations are surely made through affiliate links.
Consumer goods
Online shopping is nowadays the king of shopping instruments. Online marketplaces are going higher and higher. People shop and write revenues on items, so this may bring profits. One can promote any product like this. From sports equipment to beauty goods. But before you complete your review, test your product properly. Make no mischief and avoid misleading. Or you will loose credibility.
Here are the two most extensive and appealing affiliate programs.
It has everything in stock. Here you can buy whatever you want. Affiliates can earn up to 10% commissions through the Amazon Associates program. The final amount of payments depends on the product category purchased through an affiliate link.
Everyone knows that eBay has a wide range of items for sale. They are new or used, and here you can look for some rare or special items. The eBay Partner Network gives you 50-70% of the total commission. All payments come through the personal affiliate links.
Crypto and finance
To make money in this field, here are some variants.
This is a company that specializes in email marketing. Every lead gives you a 30% commission.
A helper for setting up eCommerce stores, promoting them with a variety of tools, and quickly turning a profit. Here it comes to $598 for a standard subscription and $2,000 for a premium subscription.
Colmex is a trading platform for trading Forex, Futures, CFDs, and other financial instruments. One can earn up to 40% commission for leaders.
Here anyone can sign up as an affiliate and earn a 20% commission. If you store 500 BNB in your Binance wallet, you can double it to 40%.
Tech and gadget
Thousands of gadgets and millions of software are produced every year. And sure it turns out to be a lot of money in this niche. So if you promote some goods, it is a good idea too.
These are just a few ideas about some niches which you may pick. And many more affiliate niche website ideas exist if you sit and research. All the niches change during time so keep it in mind.
When you choose one, do a clear research, look for potential competitors. This will give you all the fresh news to check how much traffic, keywords. Learn all the details and make some fair conclusions if you can work in the niche you picked. Think twice and be reasonable.