A bonus pack of tips for promoting your blog
Anna N

We already mentioned some hints and methods for blogger’s promotions. But if you want to have more success, you have to use all the ways possible. And Vimmy gives you more ideas here. They may not be so obvious, but try them. At least read and try to analyze if there is a point to working with them.


Repromoting old successful content
Do not forget about your old posts, texts and videos. They may help you. Repromote them to all your accounts everywhere and check this with a special tool to see what’s the most popular and readable.
Even your old materials may give you some good traffic.
Finding out nice visuals
Images and photos are the best way to attract attention. They achieve more engagement and reactions. Try more visuals while making your content, add more good looking graphical parts and eye catching photos.
The effectiveness of your content will rise. Add more visual noticeability to your blog. All the images, graphics, animated GIFs, videos are a great instrument to catch your readers. Refresh your avatar, choose some photo presets and enjoy the results.
Content republishing
This instrument is also called content syndication. It considers republishing all the same videos, texts, images and GIFs on multiple websites. This tip also benefits the sources by exposing the content to new audiences.
Content repurposing
This tip includes using your most popular posts. You just take them all and turn them into more forms of content which are new and fresh. But a summary of what you’ve already published and what each one has to offer your audience is certainly needed. Otherwise it will not work.
Content repurposing involves reusing your most popular posts into new forms of content. This is only possible if you have a summary of what you’ve already published and what each one has to offer your audience. You can change some blog posts and make new infographics, videos, podcasts and images with text. Do not forget to add good CTAs to encourage your readers and gain more reactions and traffic.
Choose just one or two blog promotion strategies, choose your tools and see what works best. If you are not satisfied, just calm down and try adding another until you find something that works like a combination. It all depends. So one tactic is good for one blog post, but it may not cope with some other texts and materials you produce.
 Don’t change your strategies and tips too quickly, as some of them just may take longer to work than others. 
After a while, you’ll be able to make and combine every tool, way and method that is good for your own goals. All this will be turned into a huge solid personalized content promotion strategy. And you will use it and change something according to your own personal research and analytics.