How to kill sales before you even start selling?
Katrina L

Mistakes when working with landing pages will seem commonplace. Nevertheless, the issue is still relevant and it is worth talking about.

A high-quality landing page increases the percentage of targeted actions, which means it increases conversion and income.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 5 common mistakes when creating landing pages and discuss how to avoid them.

Mistake 1: slow landing
The statistics are ruthless, when the page does not load in 3 seconds, the user is getting nervous. Interest is fading. Nobody likes to wait.
Page didn't load in 5 seconds? Most will close the tab. That's where it all ends.
You can't get the target action that way. How to speed up loading time?
  1. Reduce the number of redirects;
  2. Clean up the code, remove unnecessary;
  3. Use caching;
  4. Optimize images;
  5. Minify JavaScript and CSS files;
  6. Change hosting (if possible);
  7. Use a CDN;
You can measure your landing page loading speed and get recommendations for optimization through Pingdom or PageSpeed Insights.
Mistake 2: Too many CTAs (or no CTAs)
A call to action (CTA) button is a must for any landing page. Neither text, nor a link, not a gif, but a button is a powerful tool. Don't reinvent the wheel, it's all much easier.
Some affiliates love CTA buttons so much that they shove them everywhere. Landing pages are overloaded. The logic is simple: if the visitor does not succumb to one, there is always another. Too many distractions hurt conversions. The best solution is one CTA button. Short, no more than 15 characters, with clear massage. Change the font, color, select the design. Try tricks (limited by time, number of places or quantity of product, pronouns "your" instead of "our").
Mistake 3: writing a poem in three parts
Get to the point quickly. Or lose leads quickly. 
It's not a joke. Do you scroll down to the small text at the bottom of the page? Do you read the company's statements about their mission and purpose, or do you just buy sneakers? Write about the product or service briefly, concisely and clearly. Make life easier for future customers.
Mistake 4: There are no images (or they are compressed)
What catches more, empty text or a page with pictures? Is it worth it to just put any image? Of course not. Blurry graphics repel users.
Now there are tons of free and paid image banks. Everything and on any topic, so there are pictures for any vertical. Free Photo Editors will help you adjust the photo to the desired size or make color correction etc.
Mistake 5: optimizing for phones
More precisely, the absence. Why bother? A landing page without adaptation for mobile devices immediately filters out some potential leads.
Being on the site from a phone and tablet without optimization is inconvenient. Part of the profit immediately flies out of the window. Firstly, many people buy directly from the phone. Secondly, some of the GEO gives more mobile than desktop traffic. What if you don't know how to adapt or don't have time? There are ready-made themes and layouts. They will help you prepare landing pages for any device.
Why are landing pages important?
A landing page is needed to turn a visitor into a lead, preferably right away.
A potential buyer on the landing page sees the final result and a call to action. He must take this action. And here every mistake creates a barrier.
The consumer does not understand what is being sold, what to fill in, where to click, how to order, or install. The landing is inconvenient, the page is closed. Fiasco. But the desire to buy is still there. The customer will look elsewhere, find a competitor, order and pay him. Not you. Therefore, all errors must be avoided. Even the smallest ones.